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Thursday, 13 September 2012

Sweet success ?


Squeeze or pack (someone or something) tightly into a specified space.
  1. An instance of a machine or thing seizing or becoming stuck.
  2. A sweet spread or preserve made from fruit and sugar boiled to a thick consistency.
verb.  squeeze - press - cram - crowd
noun.  squeeze - congestion - marmalade - preserve

At the start of the week I saw details about a Jams & Jellies Workshop being held at Mossley Mill yesterday; hurrah they still had places available. 

Dermot & Mary ( ) were running the workshop and would be making both a jelly - Blackberry & Apple and a jam - Mixed Plum. They are a fantastic couple full of the joys of foraging and what it can lead to....jellies, jams, chutneys and most importantly Sloe Gin. A morning of tasting, useful information and amazing aromas, jam packed with interesting anecdotes.

And the best bit is that we got to bring some home.

Suitably inspired,I foraged in a supermarket and a small batch of Strawberry Jam has already emerged from my kitchen and I am wondering where my nearest brambles can be found.

Looking forward to their Chunky Chutney Workshop on 7th Nov.


  1. I discovered a HUGE bramble patch yesterday quite serendipitously. Picked enough to make 3 blackberry and apple crumbles - 1 eaten and 2 frozen. Please pop over to Leicester and pick some!

    1. Would love to, but just a little busy this week!


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