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Saturday, 5 January 2013

At last.....

...I started to type this on Christmas eve whilst waiting to be able to do the next bit of prep for the big dinner, but didn't get it finished. So have updated it a little to reflect the entire holiday.

The Saturday evening before Christmas saw 19 of us tuck into chilli con carne and honey mustard chicken, as all bar 1 of the Rainey siblings and associated entourage gathered round at #68 for the (now traditional) pre-Christmas tempting of the Fermanagh flock to the bright lights of Dalewood.

There is a reason soup kitchens are like that - it works!!!

A big thanks to Cooking Catherine for yet another great idea which will be firmly embedded into the traditions for Christmas - Wassail. The husband, that would very rarely take a drink downed 4 cups! Which is possibly why the game of Trivial Pursuit was so close.

The 3 brothers (2 undergraduate degrees, 3 masters and a professional qualification) versus Maria & myself (1 undergraduate degree & nursing diploma and Banking exams) - All cheeses/wedges owned; if only we hadn't talked ourselves out of an answer, we would have won!

On Christmas eve we went Danish to honour brother in law Richard's heritage. This gave me the excuse to pinch an idea - thank you Angela - home made Danish Pastries. A few tweaks -  we had maple pecan plaits instead of the apricot squares and I used a home made plum jam I had been given instead of the cherries. Yummy Plummy Pinwheels sounds so good!

Aunty Margaret was able to join us again this year - perhaps another tradition in the making? Apparently the meal I produced, whilst traditionally Danish, according to most of the blogo-sphere, was not the traditional one according to his family; having said that we enjoyed the food. The Caramelised potatoes were different, not sure I would make them again but the cold  rice pudding with hot cherry sauce has been requested to be made again - before next Christmas eve.

Christmas Day started with Champagne and smoked salmon bagels - thanks to Richard & Maria - and the usual turkey dinner followed. Anne and I have this down to such a fine art now that (with the use of a spreadsheet to keep everything on track) Christmas Day is really enjoyable for everyone.

I think seeing so many of the family over this Christmas season has helped to make it feel more special this year.

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  1. Looks like you had a blast! Looking forward to catching up! Cx


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