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Friday, 15 March 2013

Once upon a time...

When I started my latest crochet project - a colourful blanket for Ann that could be buttoned into a 'cosy toes' for when she is in her wheelchair - I called it the 'Berry Blanket' as the majority of the colours put me in mind of the beautiful berries, and the Molly Makes article also called it that! Just need to attach it to the gorgeous purple fleece and add some buttons.

However, Berry Blanket has now become 'Fairytale Blanket' named by Mags - she says the colours put her in mind of fairytales. Well every good fairytale needs a princess, and whilst our Princess Ann has been enjoying her holiday in Castleview,  I turned my hook to a mini-project (also from Molly Makes).

Every fairytale princess needs her princess slippers!


  1. Oh these look AMAZING! Just right for the greenwood and tall towers and misty rivers. And even more right for Princess Ann! I do wonder if those slippers need some bells or sparkle- or both?!

  2. Oh, definitely, little silver bells on the toes!

  3. Have to be careful attaching anything hard to them, as Blanco will be snuggling up between Ann's feet and I don't want for either of them to be uncomfortable or worse. Need to get more purple fleece to line them (and the ones I am making for myself) as Fairytale blanket is going to use the complete fleece I already have.


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