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Thursday, 4 March 2010

I've been a wild rover...

Well, not so much a wild rover, but a small white dog that was let out into the back garden unnoticed when Chuck threw some crusts out for the birds...I thought something was up when he didn't come running as I got the car keys out to head down to Sailortown and I wondered if I had shut him into the study.
A search of the house gave no joy, then Chuck realised what might have happened and dashed out the back door calling for him. I opened the front door and Blanco tore in like a little hurricane - belted around the downstairs rooms like he was possessed and then settled on the settee at DA's feet. Following Cesar's advice, he was rewarded for coming home - with Petit Filous!!
There is nothing that dog loves more than getting his tongue into the bottom of a joghurt pot. It's true what they say about dogs and owners picking up each other's habits - but I thought it would take longer than 2 months. I can see Chuck and Blanco fighting over them in the future.


  1. Maybe they'll vary on favourite flavour and come to an amicable and equitable division of six pack! Good luck for tomorrow's Craft Fair- I hope you'll afterwards reward yourself with something more fortifying than even Petits Filous' extra iron and vitamins!

  2. What can I say?!! That's quite a doggy!! See you tomorrow! Cx


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