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Monday, 22 February 2010

I second that emulsion...

Time spent at number 43 today was insufficient to tick all remaining items off the to-do list, in fact came back with additional items - not fair. The deep purple wardrobe doors will need at least one more coat of mellow magnolia and I'm fairly sure that I've missed at least one of the patches on the dining room wall. Although, I did get the main bedroom curtains hung - will need Chuck to get the pelmet up - ooh er missus!


  1. Sure Chuck loves the sound of that!! LOL! House is looking totally fabulous! Well well done!!

  2. You are a goddess! I have a new visitor to my blog who has spent much time working out how to make your Christmas boxes from the photos on mine- I shall be directing her straight to you! By the way- Margaret McCreedy is muchly missing facebook during Library hours1

  3. Hi - I am the aforementioned visitor.LOVE your Xmas boxes. I am thinking of doing some to hold mini-eggs for Easter.
    [When I am not discovering all these great blogs in N.I. that is]
    If you have given up Facebook for Lent, you could always try reading the Pause in Lent organised by Floss instead

    Lenten blessings xx


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